Welcome to Mapping Mythology!  This site endeavors to create a digital archive of artwork, mainly sculptures, architectural relief, and paintings, that depict a mythological god, classical myth, or iconographical symbol.  The mapping portion of the site locates artworks on an interactive map.

The initial phase of the project focuses on New York City as a pilot city for Mapping Mythology.  The idea grew out of a desire to create a resource for Classical Mythology teachers and students alike where public artwork which depicts a god or scene in a myth is located on an interactive map and timeline.  Mapping Mythology will also serve the larger public audience by reigniting an appreciation and awareness of these public artworks, many of which are in plain sight, and by imageing the artworks on a map to show both their relationship to one another and the sheer quantity of this type of public artwork in large metropolitan cities.

Those paintings that are held in museums will also be included in the database and featured on the timeline.  This further enhances the richness of artwork in a given city and serves the pedagogical purpose of providing basic information about the artwork to mythology students in the area who might wish to visit the artwork themselves as part of their study of Classical mythology.  

Mapping Mythology is a long-term project and will continue to expand beyond New York City to mapping other cities in the United States and abroad. Feedback and contributions are always welcome.

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